Tips for Prepping Your Florida Home Before Moving

When you think about moving, you may have mixed feelings: excitement about a new home, dread about actually relocating your belongings, or stress about making sure everything arrives safely. Packing up your home can leave you wondering, “why do I have all this stuff in the first place?! Do I really need to keep my junior high track trophy? Should I just become a minimalist?” No matter if it’s your first time moving or your fifth, these feelings can be overwhelming. To make the process easier and provide a little peace of mind, here are some helpful tips on preparing your home before your moving day. 

  • Downsize Your Belongings

That aforementioned junior high track trophy? You may cherish it and the memories associated with it forever– or you may be tired of finding space for it. As you prepare to move, you will likely find a lot of things that are just taking up space, or haven’t seen the light of day in 10 years. Not everything has to make the journey with you from one home to another, and that’s okay! Make piles for items to donate and items to throw away. Start fresh in your new home, taking with you only the belongings you want. Plus, eliminating some of your possessions can help lower your moving costs. 

  • Clean & Inspect

So you’re moving your kitchen appliances, your furniture, and your lawn tools. You don’t want to move dirty or damaged items into a brand new space. Do a cleaning and inspection of large items before they’re packed and loaded– empty and clean out kitchen appliances, drain fuel from yard tools like lawnmowers, and wipe down furniture for dust and dirt. Not only will you be moving clean belongings into a new clean space, but this will also give you a chance to identify any damaged or broken belongings you hadn’t yet noticed. 

  • Make an Inventory List

So you’ve identified all that you want to be moved, whether you’re packing it yourself or a full-service moving company is helping you. It’s a good idea to inventory the contents of each room before it’s packed. This way, you know exactly what’s making the journey with you, which will come in handy when organizing and unpacking your new home. 

If you’re looking for a moving partner in Sarasota, Florida, then Stronger Moving can help. Whether you’re interested in full-service moving or on-site moving, our services combined with these tips will make your moving day a breeze.

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