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How to Tell the Difference Between a High and Low Quality Moving Company

Bumper stickers, and the people who put them on their car, are unique. One , occasionally might get a chuckle out of them as many are clever and witty. Here are some humorous examples that could easily make the best bumper sticker list of all time

“I used up all my sick days, so I called in dead!”

“I was an honor student, I don’t know what happened?”

“I have good brakes, do you have good insurance?”

“Don’t drink and park, accidents cause people!”

One that also stands out reads “Yes, this is my truck, and no, I will not help you move!” 

It’s no secret that people who drive a truck, on occasion, may get asked to move someone.  However, when it comes to moving in Sarasota Florida, leave it up to professionals!

But how can you tell the difference between a high and low quality moving company?  Here are some key ways to help you easily determine the difference. 

The devil is in the details

When it comes to moving, the pre-plan can make all the difference. A low quality moving company will simply show up on the day they scheduled with you, and charge you hourly until the job is done.  A high quality moving company in Sarasota Florida will do their due diligence. They will often meet with you at your home or office and determine the needs and complexity of the move. They will help prepare items that require special care, i.e. pianos, grandfather clocks, vases, family heirlooms and more. They will inventory items (if requested) to make sure everything is moved and accounted for. They will make sure they understand your timeframes and commitments both to be out and in to your new place. Getting a jump start can be a huge game changer. 

A race to the bottom?

A low quality moving company has poor reviews and incredibly high turnover rates, when it comes to their employees. They treat their team members poorly, realizing they can easily be replaced with another. This is reflected often in the care these “fly-by-night” employees show, as they are moving your possessions and belongings.  A high quality moving company knows that it is important to take care of their employees because they want long term relationships with them because they know that an employee that is cared about will also show tremendous care for their customers and the items they move. Don’t just go for the company that is the cheapest, or in a race to the bottom, as you might regret it in the long run. 

Simply put, you are looking for a moving company in Sarasota Florida, Then Stronger Moving is your high quality and high value partner that wants to build relationships for life, not just for a move! 

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