4 Tips to Make Moving Locally Painless

“It’s not going to be that bad”, you tell yourself a month leading up to moving day. You are not leaving the area you know and love, you are just gaining a brand new house. Then, on moving day the stress hits and it seems like moving your family is the same as moving a mountain. People often forget to plan for local moves but here are four tips for moving locally that will make the process a breeze. 

  • Hire a moving company

Mom and dad are great but they can only carry and lift so much. Getting a couch down the stairs or your expensive flat-screen TV is going to require some experience if you want your items to make it in one piece. A moving company like Stronger Moving & Delivery has trained their staff to be meticulous in the details and fast in their work. A moving company will also drive your items to the new home meaning you can have your last few sentimental moments in the old home or allow you to arrive at the new home first. 

  • Plan ahead

Everything should be packed and sorted before the morning of the move. Ideally, everything should be packed about 2 days before moving day. By having your boxes sorted into rooms and carefully labeled, the unpacking process will be much easier. Label everything, even if you think you do not need to. This way if you have help, they will know exactly where to put the boxes because they will be labeled “kitchen” or “family room”.

  • A month before the move, sell and donate as much as you can. 

The more you can get rid of before packing and moving, the less work you will have to do. A moving company can help you get your items to the new house but putting them away is a different story. You will have to organize the new home and find places for all your items to go. The process will go a lot faster if you only bring what you really need. 

  • Have a timeline for moving day

Plan to have your movers and friends show up at a specific time. Calculate how long you expect it to take to get everything put into the moving truck, how long of a drive it is, and how long you think it will take to unload the moving truck. Why is this important? First, you can be realistic that this will take all day. Second, if you have family and friends helping you, then you can have first shift and second shift movers. Don’t burn out all the help at the beginning of the day. 

Moving locally is a fresh start. Make the process efficient and swift by hiring professional movers, planning ahead, getting rid of unnecessary items, and plan out a timeline for moving day. When you do this, it will be the easiest move of your life. 

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