Hire packers to pack moving boxes?

good example of dishes packed in boxHire packers to pack moving boxes? What are the benefits to hiring professional packers to pack my moving boxes? The most important, but often most underestimated part of any move is packing.


Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire packers from Stronger to box your belongings, this is undoubtedly the most important part of any move.  The more well-packed belongings are, the faster the move will go – saving you money.

Should I hire packers for my next move?

Please consider the benefits of hiring packers from Stronger Moving & Delivery Service, Inc.:

  • Less likelihood of damages.  Professional packers have the know-how, tools and materials to ensure a virtually damage-proof move for your belongings.  This is particularly important for breakable items like fine china, lamps or figurines.
  • Saves time.  What could take you weeks to accomplish is done in a matter of hours by our trained packers.  This means less time with your house in the chaotic packing mode with boxes everywhere and closets contents sitting out waiting to be packed.
  • Smart delegation.  Many aspects of a move should and must be handled by you personally.  Packing does not have to be one of them.  By hiring packers to handle the packing, you are freed up to focus on other priorities – switching utility accounts, decorating decisions and updating important contacts about your move.
  • Better organized.  Hiring packers eliminates the start-stop aspect of do-it-yourself packing.  Because everything goes directly into boxes, the contents are often better organized and easier to settle in when you unpack.
  • Insurance coverage.  When belongings are packed (and unpacked) by Stronger Moving & Delivery Service, Inc., we assume full responsibility for any damage claims that could result.

Please ask us about full-service or partial packing services when you call.  In addition, we sell packing supplies like boxes and packing paper.  If you decide to do the packing yourself, check out our blog for tips and guidelines that will help you pack like a pro.  Remember, the more well-packed and prepared you are, the more quickly our crew can work, saving you time and money.